Best RGB Motherboard

Best RGB Motherboard

Long gone the days when the PC tower was a generic-looking box, hidden in a corner to collect dust. Nowadays, PC gamers care about the looks and aesthetics as much as they care about the specs of their computers. 

What a better way to add a futuristic look to your setup than throwing in some light show? That’s exactly what we’re here for! We’ve compiled a list of the best RGB motherboards that combine performance and looks. Get ready and pick a transparent PC tower, as these motherboards are worthy of a proper showcase.

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Best RGB Motherboard (Our Review)

1. MSI MEG Z490 Godlike – Best High-end for Intel

MSI MEG Z490 Godlike

MSI has built a serious motherboard for enthusiasts that doesn’t disappoint in terms of performance or aesthetics. The MEG Z490 Godlike comes with a well-organized board interface supported by shielding plates that protect the board from short-circuiting, in addition to providing an overall cleaner look.

In terms of RGB implementation, you get a stylish dragon on the rear panel, together with the Godlike branding on the heatsink. You can customize the RGB effects and colors used to bring your motherboard to life. Furthermore, you also get an onboard OLED panel that can be personalized to your heart’s content.

Aside from the looks, the Godlike crushes the spec sheet. The Z490 board comes with an LGA1200 socket, allowing you to hook the latest 10th generation Intel processors. 

You also get three PCIe x16 sockets that support multi-GPU setup using AMD Crossfire or NVIDIA SLI. Such top-notch processing and graphical performance go hand in hand to deliver a smooth, high-fidelity gameplay experience.

It won’t be a high-end motherboard without throwing in Thunderbolt 3. You get two ports that support data transfer rates of 40GB/s and can also be used to power external displays. This means copying sizable game data from external drives won’t take forever, allowing you to jump into your content right away. Consider checking the best motherboards for VR to expand your views.

Key Features:

  • Mystic Light RGB with 16.8 million colors
  • Dynamic OLED panel that can display the status of your motherboard, debug codes, in addition to animated GIFs
  • Comes with four DIMM slots that support 128GB of DDR4 memory at clock speeds of 5000MHz
  • Supports XPANDER-Z Gen4 accessory cards to add additional M.2 slots


  • Robust cooling system with ten fan headers, Frozr heatsinks, and MOSEF backplates for optimum heat dissipation
  • Supports the latest 10th generation Intel CPUs
  • Impressive connectivity options with an onboard 10Gb Super LAN and Wi-Fi 6 
  • Features two Thunderbolt 3 offering transfer speeds of 40GB/s and can also power 4k displays


  • High price tag to match all its features
  • The PCIe slots are relatively crammed together, making adding graphics cards and other accessories a bit of a hassle for people with large hands

2. ASRock Z490 Extreme4 – Budget Intel Pick

ASRock Z490 Extreme4

For its premium price tag, the MSI MEG Z490 Godlike is far from the motherboard for everyone. Here comes the budget-friendly ASRock Z490 Extreme4 that delivers on all the basics without hurting your wallet.

RGBs secure plenty of spots all over the board, as you get dedicated lights on below the chipset heat sink, on the rear panel, and the backplate. They all combine to deliver a unique ambiance to your PC tower. 

Also, make sure you download ASRock Polychrome Sync software to add more cool effects and get to control the flicker and colors. It’s worth noting that the Extreme4 doesn’t get an OLED panel similar to what we’ve seen in the Godlike, but this shouldn’t be a big deal, especially considering the price difference between the two.

In terms of performance, you get support for the 10th gen Intel processors, AMD Crossfire multi-GPU setup, and up to 128GB of DDR4 memory. With an impressive room to spec up your board, the ASRock Extreme4 has the potential to tackle anything you throw at it.

When it comes to connectivity, you get 2.5Gb LAN for lag-free online gaming; however, you don’t have an onboard WI-Fi module to go all wireless. Of course, you can slip an external Wi-Fi card into one of your two M.2 slots, and you’re all good to go. 

Bear in mind that you only have one slot left that supports fast NVMe SSDs now, so you’ll have to opt for the slower SATA ones if you want to further expand your storage down the line.

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Key Features:

  • Multiple onboard RGBs that support ASRock Polychrome Sync for a more personalized look
  • Supports Intel’s 10th generation processors
  • Features four DIMM slots that can house 128GB of DDR4 memory
  • Minimal input lag in online games thanks to the 2.5Gb LAN


  • Comes with USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A and Type-C ports
  • Supports multiple displays through HDMI and DisplayPort
  • AMD Crossfire lets you use two graphics cards simultaneously as the board features two PCIe x16 slots
  • High-efficiency Dr.MOS power design


  • No onboard Wi-Fi module
  • Only two M.2 slots, limiting your SSD expansion options if you attach a Wi-Fi card into one of them

3. ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I – Best Compact for Intel

ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I

If you’re looking for an RGB motherboard that fits in a compact PC case, options start to become a bit limited. The Mini-ITX form factor shrinks down everything to fit into a smaller footprint, which becomes challenging to squeeze in all the RGB components. Luckily, ASUS delivers a decent package with its ROG Strix Z390-I that’s worth your attention.

The ASUS Aura allows you to control the onboard RGB LEDs in addition to opening up the doors for third-party manufacturers to create supported accessories like fans, coolers, and graphics cards. 

The ROG Strix Z390-I makes the most sense if you’re not planning to upgrade to intel’s 10th gen CPUs just yet, and you’re sticking to your 8th or 9th gen processor for more years to come. That’s because the board features the LGA1151 socket that doesn’t support the latest processor lineup.

Furthermore, the board doesn’t disappoint in terms of speed and versatile connectivity options. You get dual M.2 slots that support NVMe SSDs, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and ASUS Opti-MEM II for more consistent performance while overclocking your memory. 

Key Features:

  • ASUS Aura RGB with plenty of supported accessories
  • The Mini-ITX form factor allows you to build a compact gaming PC that doesn’t take much space on your desk
  • Comes with pre-mounted I/O shield for a streamlined installation process
  • The implementation of SafeSlot technology provides longevity to the board’s I/Os


  • Affordable RGB gaming motherboard
  • Two DIMM slots that support memory overclocking to 4800MHz
  • Comes with dual M.2 and four SATA slots for upgradable storage
  • The SupremeFX audio codec delivers clear, neutral tones with no background noise
  • The AI-assisted overclocking module balances between the CPU’s clock speed and thermal performance


  • Only supports 64GB of maximum memory
  • Doesn’t work with the latest 10th gen Intel processors

4. Gigabyte X570 AORUS Xtreme – Best High-end for Ryzen

Gigabyte X570 AORUS Xtreme

Let’s shift gears for a moment and step into AMD’s motherboards territory. We’ve seen more users switching to AMD’s processors as the latest Ryzen CPUs deliver insane performance in Geekbench numbers. If you’re one of those people, Gigabyte has the perfect AM4 motherboard for you with its X570 AORUS Xtreme.

When it comes to aesthetics, the board uses two RGB arrays; one over the heatsink and the other lighting up the rear panel. You also get a small display right next to the board’s audio modules to add extra glamour. Furthermore, the LEDs are very bright and can light up your whole setup, even though they’re placed far apart on the board.

Aside from the looks, the board has plenty of tricks under its sleeves. You get three ultra-fast PCIe 4.0/3.0 M.2 slots that support NVMe SSDs with data transfer speeds of 32GB/s. The board also comes with three PCIe x16 slots that have the capacity to run multiple graphics cards hand in hand.

Finally, Wi-Fi 6 and USB 3.2 Gen2 ports are the icing on top that gives you fast wireless and wired connectivity, respectively. As you can see, the AORUS Xtreme offers future-proof specs that can keep up with new hardware releases for years to come. For this reason, it comes with a premium price tag to match all the cutting-edge technologies baked into the board. Find out if this motherboard is among the best X570 motherboards and while on topic look at the best X470 motherboards, best X399 motherboards, as well as the best X370 motherboards.

Key Features:

  • Bright RGB arrays with an additional customizable BIOS display
  • Supports 3rd and 2nd gen Ryzen processors
  • Offers four DIMM slots with a maximum RAM capacity of 128GB
  • Uses a total of 16 Power Phase VRM for an efficient thermal architecture and passively cooled chipset


  • Comes with three M.2 slots with data transfer speeds of 32GB/s
  • Gigabyte’s Smart Fan 5 uses hybrid headers to ensure thermal throttling doesn’t become an issue at high clock speeds
  • Features three PCIe x16 slots that support AMD’s Crossfire multi-GPU setup
  • Offers both Type-A and Type-C USB 3.2 Gen2 ports


  • Comes with a premium price tag
  • The BIOS might be buggy out of the box, so make sure you get the latest software update

5. ASRock B450 Steel Legend – Budget Ryzen Pick

ASRock B450 Steel Legend

If you want to get into AMD’s ecosystem but don’t want to break the bank while doing so, ASRock returns with another affordable RGB motherboard to ease you through your transition. The B450 Steel Legend is a capable board that gives cost-conscious users the most bang for their buck.

Just like many other entries on our list, the B450 Steel Legend features two RGB arrays, occupying the chipset heatsink and rear panel portions of the board. Though it doesn’t come with a complimentary onboard display like its premium counterpart, the LEDs are bright enough to deliver a cool look on their own.

In terms of performance, you get support for the latest 3rd generation Ryzen processors, in addition to two PCIe x16 slots to house your graphics cards. The board also has room for overclocking, which is a welcome addition.

It’s worth mentioning that the B450 Steel Legend shares some similarities with the other budget ASRock board on our list: the Z490 Extreme4. Both don’t come with an onboard Wi-Fi module, and the maximum memory capacity is capped at 64GB.

Unlike the impressive passive cooling we’ve seen in the AORUS Xtreme, the B450 Steel Legend has only a 6 Power Phase VRM. The limited thermal architecture means the fans will kick into action more often and give you background ambient noise. However, the board supports water cooling to make up for the limited VRM design. Being a B450 check whether it is among the best B450 motherboards, and while you’re at it check the best B350 motherboards also.

Key Features:

  • Features two bright RGB arrays found on the rear panel and chipset heatsink
  • Supports water cooling for the best overclocking experience
  • Works perfectly with the 2nd and 3rd generation Ryzen processors
  • Offers two PCIe x16 slots for a dual-GPU setup


  • Affordable with decent specs for its price
  • The RGBs blend well with the cameo-like aesthetics, delivering a unique look
  • Offers an Ultra M.2 slot with increased bandwidth for minimal loading times
  • The four DIMM slots support memory overclocking to over 3533MHz


  • Maximum memory capacity limited to 64GB
  • Limited thermal architecture due to the 6 Power Phase VRM design

6. ASRock B550M Steel Legend – Best Compact for Ryzen

ASRock B550M Steel Legend

We’ve got yet another entry from ASRock’s Steel Legend lineup, and this time around, the B550M board comes in the Micro-ATX form factor for people building a compact AMD PC. It keeps the same design elements as its bigger brother with the cameo metallic color pallet and two RGB arrays.

Surprisingly, the more compact B550M motherboard has a better thermal architecture with its Dr.Mos 10 Power Phase design compared to only 6 seen in its bigger B450 counterpart. This paves up the road for what to expect as we proceed further with the other specs.

It’s a given that the B550M supports the current 3rd gen Ryzen, but there’s more to the story. The board has a future-proof design compatible with the yet to be released 4th gen CPUs. This means the investment you make today won’t just go obsolete in a couple of years, and you can still keep up with the latest hardware while holding on to your trusty motherboard.

Furthermore, the board adopts the new PCIe 4.0 standard, allowing you to use the performance-heavy graphics cards. Also, the fact that the PCIe slots come with an armored shielding ensures that the heavy GPUs don’t leave any damage behind.

Key Features:

  • Comes in a unique metallic finish with two array RGB
  • Compatible with the 3rd and 4th gen Ryzen processors
  • Offers four DIMM slots with up to 128GB of RAM at clock speeds of 4733MHz
  • Supports multiple displays through HDMI and DisplayPort


  • Armored PCIe 4.0 slots to accommodate for the heavy graphics cards
  • Efficient power consumption thanks to the 10 Power Phase VRM
  • Supports dual GPUs through AMD’s Crossfire technology
  • The Realtek ALC1200 Audio codec delivers a rich, immersive sound


  • No onboard Wi-Fi, so it offers an M.2 Key E instead that supports external Wi-Fi cards
  • Flagship price tag

7. ASUS ROG Strix X570-I – Best Mini-ITX for Ryzen

ASUS ROG Strix X570-I

Arguably, the ASUS Aura Sync is one of the most adopted RGB software formats, so many of the fans, RGB strips, and other accessories that you’ll come across are likely compatible. So, we see it’s fitting to wrap up our list with one extra compact entry from ASUS, and this time around, the ROG Strix X570-I comes with an AM4 socket that supports 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs.

The Mini-ITX board offers a well-rounded gaming package with its dual M.2 slots for fast SSD upgrades, Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6 for lag-free online gaming, in addition to a comprehensive cooling design that prevents the buildup of heat while overclocking.

You also get PCIe 4.0 seen in the more expensive motherboards. This way, you get wider compatibility with the new accessories and graphics card to ensure your board remains relevant for years to come. Check out is this motherboard among the best gaming motherboards also.

Key Features:

  • Comes with an RGB array on the backplate and another one on the heatsink
  • The ASUS Aura Sync gives you more tools to customize your PC’s look
  • Features fast USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A and Type-C ports
  • The Mini-ITX form factor is perfect for compact PC cases


  • Supports the 3rd generation Ryzen processors
  • Offers the latest HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 that can power a 4k display
  • Robust power connectors that support multi-core processors
  • Lightning-fast connectivity using Wi-Fi 6 and Gigabit Ethernet 


  • Maximum memory capacity limited to 64GB
  • Relatively more expensive than other Mini-ITX boards on the market

Best RGB Motherboard (FAQ)

What’s Meant by Mystic Light?

This is the software used by MSI motherboards to let you control your RGB setup. The app has an intuitive user interface and allows for real-time synchronization with your on-screen gaming action. However, it comes with some annoying bugs that make it less reliable.

How Does ASRock Polychrome RGB Compare to the Competition?

ASRock Polychrome RGB allows you to pick from a wide color gamut until you land on the perfect look that suits your setting. However, compared to software from other manufacturers, ASRock doesn’t offer as much versatility in terms of supported accessories. 

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