Best B350 Motherboard

Best B350 Motherboard

We’ve seen AMD stealing Intel’s thunder with its Ryzen processors, and for you to take advantage of these CPUs, you need a B350 motherboard to go along with it. This new board platform comes with a dedicated cooling system and memory channels that support overclocking. 

The icing on top is that the B350 options remain within the budget of cost-conscious customers, allowing users to build a stellar gaming PC without breaking the bank. Let’s explore the best AMD B350 motherboards and help you land on the model that suits your needs.

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Best B350 Motherboard (Our Review)

1. ASUS Prime B350 Plus – Best Overall

ASUS Prime B350 Plus

ASUS ticks all the boxes that define the B350 motherboards with its Prime B350 Plus. It comes with an AM4 socket, allowing you to use AMD’s latest processors and take advantage of their overclocking potential.

On the GPU front, the motherboard offers AMD Crossfire support, opening the doors for using up to four GPUs simultaneously. This means upgrading your graphics card doesn’t necessarily require you to ditch your old one, as the two can play nicely together and give you an even better graphical performance.

That’s not all; ASUS uses its innovative SafeSlot technology to fortify the board’s PCIe slots to accommodate the heaviest GPUs without facing any issues. 

Another area where the Prime B350 Plus truly shines is compatibility. Budget greatest motherboards don’t always support the newer processing standards; however, ASUS implements advanced BIOS in its Prime B350 Plus boards that doesn’t require you to install any updates out of the box.

Finally, FanXpert 2+ technology is an integral part of the board’s robust thermal architecture. Such a module allows for advanced fan controls, giving you the best optimization for different CPU and GPU-heavy tasks. 

Key Features:

  • Safeguards implemented on a hardware level to ensure the longevity of your board
  • Comes with six SATA modules for storage upgrades in addition to an M.2 slot
  • The fan RGB header supports customizable color profiles
  • Features four memory slots that support DDR4 RAM
  • A full-sized ATX motherboard


  • Offers great value for its affordable price
  • Updated BIOS compatible with the latest AMD processors
  • Fortified PCIe slots that can house bulky GPUs
  • A well-optimized cooling system


  • The single M.2 slot isn’t ideal for users using M.2-based SSDs

2. MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon – Best for Gaming

MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon

In a market full of flashy names, MSI actually earns its B350 Gaming Pro Carbon tag. The motherboard strikes the right balance between features and price, offering gamers an affordable option to run the latest games without breaking a sweat.

For instance, the board offers four memory slots that can take advantage of the DDR4 RAM boost. This means unbuffered memories can maintain high clock speeds whenever needed, reducing the chance of your games crashing on you.

Audio is a key pillar of your gaming experience, and MSI implements Audio Boost 4 technology right into its motherboard. Plug in your favorite pair of headphones, and you’ll immediately notice crisp sounds with no noise or distortions, in addition to supporting spacial audio. You can pinpoint enemies creeping from behind and react faster than ever in shooters.

Following in the footsteps of the ASUS Prime B350 Plus, the Gaming Pro Carbon comes with a three-way Crossfire support. Three GPUs can do wonder to your gaming experience, enabling features like ray-tracing and realistic lighting to shine.

It’s also worth mentioning that all the PCIe slots are soldered at more points to the board itself. In addition to allowing heavy graphics cards to steadily remain in place, the Steel Armor prevents any electromagnetic interference for uncompromised performance at higher clock speeds.

Key Features:

  • Fan controls can determine voltage and speed for better optimization
  • Supports for DDR4 RAM with clock speeds up to 3200MHz
  • Audio Boost 4 technology delivers high-quality, crisp audio
  • Customizable board lights through RGB Mystic Light software


  • Suitable for VR gaming, which becomes better with the surround audio support
  • Offers six onboard fan headers for excellent cooling
  • Comes with six SATA and one NVMe-ready M.2 slot for upgradable storage
  • Dual memory channels with up to 128GB of maximum RAM


  • Limited compatibility with lots of unsupported components

3. ASRock AB350 Pro4 – NVMe SSDs Ready

ASRock AB350 Pro4

At this price point, most B350 motherboards opt to include only one M.2 slot. Luckily, this isn’t the case here with the ASRock AB350 Pro4, which comes with two slots for you to work with. You might ask, why is this even a big deal?

The answer lies in how the M.2 layout allows for a cleaner interface with fewer cables. This makes accessing your PC’s components much easier with less chance of damaging any internal components. Furthermore, NVMe M.2 SSDs offer more storage at faster speeds compared to their SATA-based counterparts.

Aside from the storage, the full-sized ATX form factor can house Ryzen 3 or 5 processors without any issues. With an emphasis on overclocking, you can get impressive performance out of this budget-friendly board.

When it comes to the memory configuration, the ASRock AB350 Pro4 left us asking for more. Though the four DIMM slots support DDR4 memory, they only allow for a stock clock speed of 2667MHz. If your memory supports unbuffered performance, you can overclock it for better results, but during our testing, the difference wasn’t as dramatic as what we’ve hoped for.

Also, you can get a maximum memory capacity of 64GB, which is slim in comparison to other B350 motherboards. For example, the MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon offers double the capacity with 128GB ready to tackle multitasking-heavy projects.

Key Features:

  • Supports for multi-screen setup with up to three monitors
  • Versatile storage slots with six SATA and two M.2 variants
  • Low energy consumption
  • Offers USB Type-C that allows video output
  • Comes with four DIMM slots that support DDR4 memory


  • Reasonable price tag
  • Supports faster NVMe SSDs
  • Suitable for overclocking
  • Features two PCIe 3.0 x16 slots to take advantage of newer GPUs


  • Limited memory capacity
  • No HDMI port soldered on board

4. MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic – Best for Overclocking

MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic

Though it’s not the most powerful greatest gaming motherboards out there, the B350 Tomahawk Arctic has some tricks under its sleeves that help it secure an entry on our list. To start with, the budget-gaming supports fast SSD storage thanks to its Turbo M.2 slot that allows for data transfer with speeds up to 32GB/s, virtually eliminating any loading time in your games.

Just like the MSI Gaming Pro Carbon, the Tomahawk Arctic is built for virtual reality. Surround audio is another shared feature between the two boards, which heightens the immersion when you’re exploring the VR worlds being among the greatest motherboards for VR.

In terms of memory, you get support for DDR4-3200 RAM with room for overclocking. Speaking of high clock speeds, the board offers a Game Boost mode meant to squeeze as much performance from your GPU and CPU without overheating.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work as intended. Many users report thermal issues with the Tomahawk Arctic, as the board doesn’t offer enough fan headers to keep up with the heat produced while tackling demanding tasks.

We also hoped the BIOS would have been more intuitive and reliable. During our testing, we experienced slow navigation through the different diagnostics screens, begging for a software update to address these annoying bugs. 

Key Features:

  • Lightning-fast SSD that takes advantage of the board’s Turbo M.2 slot
  • Comes with Audio Boost for a rich surround sound experience
  • PCIe Steel Armor to protect VGA cards against damage
  • Features DVI and VGA display ports


  • Ready for VR gaming
  • Features Game Boost mode for better-optimized overclocking performance 
  • Fast LAN module to reduce input lag in online games
  • Customizable RGB through Mystic Light Sync


  • BIOS menus aren’t as seamless as we hoped

5. MSI B350 PC Mate – Easy Setup

MSI B350 PC Mate

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to put a PC together, as the MSI B350 PC Mate comes with a straightforward interface and easily accessible slots. Such a user-friendly motherboard supports AMD’s high-end processors, including the Ryzen 7 lineup, to deliver excellent performance.

Unlike the Tomahawk Arctic, the PC Mate offers intuitive BIOS controls that make the initial setup process a breeze. Furthermore, the board has a system ready in place to take advantage of overclockable CPUs, GPUs, and RAM. This makes boosting your PC’s performance much easier, as you don’t have to attend to each component separately.

Our only complaint is the build quality. The board is relatively fragile and requires much care when handling. Whenever you’re plugging or unplugging any components, make sure not to use much force, as you can easily end up with board damage.

When it comes to the ports, the PC Mate offers the same versatility we’ve seen in other B350 motherboards. It comes with four DIMM slots that support a maximum memory of 128GB. You also get one PCIe x1 and two PCIe x16 ports to house your GPU of choice.

Key Features:

  • Dual memory channels that support DDR4-3200 with an unbuffered clock speed
  • User-friendly setup and installation process
  • Supports 7.1-Chanel high-definition surround audio
  • Features Gigabit LAN controller for double bandwidth support


  • Supports AMD’s Ryzen 7 processors
  • The performance boost is a straightforward process
  • Comes with a maximum RAM capacity of 128GB
  • Offers a rear Gen 1 USB Type-C


  • Could benefit from a more durable form factor

6. ASUS Prime B350M-A/CSM – Sturdiest Build 


Our most substantial issue with the PC Mate is that the board can feel brittle while handling, so when we came across the ASUS Prime B350M-A/CSM, we were impressed by its sturdy build.

You get a compact, reliable package that doesn’t wobble around when adding or removing components from its different slots. Speaking of ports, the B350M-A/CSM features heavy-duty I/Os, inviting you to experiment with different parts without the fear of rigging your board.

Since the B350M-A/CSM is another iteration in the ASUS Prime lineup, it shares many of the core design features. The board comes with fortified PCIe slots that get extra protection by the implementation of the same SafeSlot technology. 

This removes the size and weight factors from your consideration when picking a new GPU, as your motherboard can handle anything you throw its way.

Given that the B350M-A/CSM leans towards the smaller end of the spectrum, components can feel a bit crammed on the board. This brings us to some overheating issues, as the compact form factor brings some challenges related to cooling.

This shouldn’t be an issue for the average users, as the board can sustain decent thermal performance if you don’t go hard on it and shoot for high processor and graphics card clock speeds.

Key Features:

  • Offers fast data transfer speeds through its NVMe-ready M.2 slot
  • Excellent connectivity thanks to the board’s Gigabit LAN module
  • Safeguard architecture delivers an unmatched build quality
  • Comes with an RGB fan header that supports customizable lights
  • Embraces the Micro-ATX compact form factor


  • Features a unique circuit that guards against overvoltage
  • The PCIe ports feature SafeSlot technology to house heavy graphics cards
  • Efficient in terms of energy consumption
  • Over 1000 compatible devices, including CPUs, GPUs, and memory modules


  • The compact form factor offers limited space onboard
  • Runs into heat throttling issues

7. MSI B350M Mortar – Most Compact

MSI B350M Mortar

We’ll wrap up our list with yet another compact motherboard, and this time around, the MSI B350M Mortar manages to avoid many of the thermal limitations that Micro-ATX boards face by including more fan headers onboard.

Still, overclocking isn’t one of the B350M Mortar’s greatest strengths. However, the board easily fits in smaller PC towers, giving you a degree of portability. If you move your PC between different rooms more often, you’d appreciate the smaller build.

Furthermore, the motherboard uses double-layered mounting holes to ensure all your components are securely in place. This security aspect is arguably more important here, as the whole premise is that you’ll be moving your PC around, and you don’t want any parts to detach from the board and get damaged.

It’s worth mentioning that MSI managed to retain the Turbo M.2 slot even on this more compact form factor and were happy to still be able to attain data transfer speeds of 32Gb/s. This can be a game-changer for certain workflows, like video editing (like the other greatest motherboards for video editing). It only takes minutes to copy sizable 4k footage, allowing you to jump right into editing without waiting for too long.

Finally, the MSI Mortar shares many of the gaming features we’ve seen in other MSI B350 motherboards. You get support for multiple GPUs, fast Gigabit internet, and surround audio.

Key Features:

  • Features double-layered mounting holes to ensure your parts are secure in place
  • Offers four fan headers for a more robust cooling system
  • Supports VR gaming, which becomes more immersive thanks to surround audio
  • The Micro-ATX form factor is suitable for users looking to use a compact PC tower


  • Seamless fan controls that regulate its speed and voltage
  • The heatsinks are plated with heavy metals for better heat conductivity
  • Supports DDR4 memory boost
  • Offers USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C ports
  • RGB customization through Mystic Light Sync


  • Even with overclocking, you might notice performance dips on running demanding games

Best B350 Motherboard (FAQ)

How Can the Number of PCIe Slots Impact My Purchase Decision?

To get started, you only need one PCIe x16 for your graphics card. If you’re a designer, animator, video editor, or gamer, you can make use of extra graphical power by hooking multiple-GPUs if your board comes with more PCIe x16 ports that support Crossfire. 

On the other hand, PCIe x1 slots are used to connect accessories like video capture and sound cards. The main takeaway is that the number of PCIe ports impacts the accessories you can connect to your motherboard, so choose accordingly.

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What Does the Form Factor of B350 Motherboards Mean?

The form factor determines the board’s overall size. For instance, the standard ATX motherboards are bigger, offering more features and I/Os, and usually come with a higher price tag to match. 

On the other hand, Micro-ATX boards retain the same architecture but in a smaller footprint. They are cheaper than their ATX counterparts but come with fewer ports and features.

Do I Need to Pay Attention to the Socket Type?

Yes, it dictates the type of processor that can be connected to your motherboard. Since B350 is a chipset adopted by AMD motherboards, you’ll notice that they all share the same AM4 socket, supported by the latest addition to the Ryzen lineup of processors. 

To reiterate, as long as you opt for an AMD motherboard to go along your AMD CPU, the two should play nicely with one another, so you don’t have to worry that much about compatibility.

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